Božidar Grilc - Hypnotherapist

I am a hypnotist, a stage master, a hypnotherapist, and a father.

Hypnosis has charm and mystique, yet I treat it as simply as life itself...

As a hypnotist and hypnotherapist, I am also a representative of the old school. This means I started practicing hypnosis as a stage hypnotist and magician.

It’s been over 30 years since my first hypnosis. Hypnosis has long since lost its charm of mysticism and mystery to me, which is why I treat it so easily.

I am also the holder of a license for education in the Training Center, which was run by Gerald Kein.
I obtained my license in 2008 and since then quite a few people have completed our training for hypnotherapists.
The official title given to me is Board Certified Hypnotist and Designated Certification Instructor.